SHASTRI TUITIONS & CLASSES is a vibrant community of expert teachers focused towards providing ‘result and carrier oriented’ education to the student group. We seek to redefine the term ‘quality education’ by setting new standards of teaching, providing intensive but smart practice, mentoring students on an ongoing basis , and providing everything that is required to achieve the highest level of distinction, After years of experience in industry, we have cracked just the perfect formula of success budding young students.

SHASTRI TUITIONS & CLASSES  is a well known brand already established since about 3 decades providing tutoring services in Mumbai. Our tutors have helped thousands of students improve their grades, raise their test scores, learn essential study skills, build their academic self-confidence, and reach their full potential. STC is one of the most affordable tutoring services available, Call us today and start on your journey of learning. We motivate and condition students to go beyond traditional boundaries and expectations.


Founder of Shastri Tuitions & Classes

Late Mr.Shriram Sharma Shastri was a great teacher, a philosopher, a spiritualist, a man of vision, a man of mission, a man of principles an idealist, a gifted orater, an Original thinker and last but not the least the Founder of Shastri Tuitions & Classes, He always thought of education as the instrument of social economic and cultural change. According to him, education should not merely give us some techniques so that we lead successful lives, but should also help us discover (believe in / learning of ) lasting values. He loved his profession and whoever studied under him, still remember with gratitude  to his great qualities as a teacher.


Mr.Shriram Sharma Shastri


Board of Directors


Prof. Dharmendra Sharma Shastri



Prof. Mrs Anita Sharma



Dr. Nishtha Sharma


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OUR TEACHERS - Expert's Team

We believe in giving the highest quality to our students. for this we understand the importance of exceptionally qualified and talented teachers who can grade your child to excel on his / her chosen path. every teaching staff at Shastri’s is exceptionally qualified in his respective domain. when you take Admission at Shastri’s be assured that you have chosen dedicated team of experts to guide you for your crucial year of students



We dont encourage giving volumes of information to the student without making them understand the concepts. Once the student understand the concept, answering any questions becomes a very easy task, be it a one page answer or objective type.


Counselling and Seminars

We create an environment that would not only encourage the students to enjoy studies but also build a focus towards their Goals. Our team of counselors work towards the success of each student individually by mentoring them on a regular basis they conduct seminars and workshops for the students to provide them with the extra knowledge about exam preparations, handling pressures, building career focus etc.



We Provide you with an easy to understand study material simplifies your way of learning.it comprises of illustrated examples, practice questions and solved for each topic such that it help you grasp each topic with ease.



As Truly quoted, “Practice make one Perfect”.we help you to plan the practice in the right  way not only by conducting  a set of exams but by conducting them smartly, based on the students, strenghts and weaknesses


Parent Teachers Meeting

We Believe that when teachers and parents work in sync then the success of student in ensured . A meeting is held every 2 months to discuss the students a progress at school and find solutions to academic or behavioral problems and find the solution to achieve their dreams and goals.


Individually Monitoring

At Shastri’s every student is monitored individually by the teachers. this is made possible by the limited member that we take per batch. the teacher can pay attention to each and every student  they can solve HIS \ HER doubts personally. this helps in tracking the progress  of the student throughout the year  and helping them excel.


Class Exams Schedule

Exams are very Important to gauge the progress of students as well as to give them practice for the final course. We at  shastri’s  take utmost care that the student is evaluated on the basis of parameters set  by as well as HE | SHE is fully prepared to write the  board exams. This is made possible by regular class tests and practice exams that we conduct at shastri’s. A student has to write class test at the end of every chapter. Practice exams are arranged after regular interval so that students are comfortable with the pattern.


Board exam Preparation

Board exams bring fear into the mind of many students. But at Shastri’s students are prepared so intensively that they take it as just another exams. the questions paper are set as per the Board exams pattern. the model answer sheet is prepared and the evaluation is done just like board examiners and moderators. the students are given individual feedback as to how they can improve their answers and presentation to get highest marks.



We Believe in Dialogue. at shastri’s teacher students interaction is a must. sometimes students need one to one interaction to share their difficulties, doubts or any other problems. Our Experienced teachers also act as counselors to help solve children’s difficulties. Counselling will help to understand the exact stage of the child and the efforts required to achieve the desired results.